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Premises Liability: Negligent Security

| Category: Personal Injury | February 19, 2021

When you go to a store, nightclub, bar, amusement park, or any other commercial establishment, the owner of the establishment owes their patrons a duty of care to ensure their safety. This means that the owner must take reasonable care to address known hazards or hazards they should have known about. In addition to guarding against slip and fall accidents, this also includes providing adequate security to protect against other tangible risks. Unfortunately, many business owners often overlook this, resulting in serious injury to their patrons and even death. If you have been injured due to negligent security at a commercial establishment, a Waldorf personal injury lawyer can explain your options and help you pursue a claim. 

The Owner’s Duty of Care

Business owners’ duty of care requires them to protect you from accidents that are reasonably foreseeable. This means that the duty of care is not the same for every business owner. For example, the owner of a retail clothing store in a relatively safe area arguably has a lower duty of care when it comes to providing security than a nightclub owner in a high-crime area. Getting assaulted at the retail store is less likely to happen than at a nightclub that serves alcohol in an area where assaults are more common. As a result, the nightclub owner may need to be more diligent in providing security than the clothing store owner. That said, the fact that you were injured does not necessarily mean that the business owner was negligent. A Waldorf personal injury lawyer can review your case and determine whether you have a claim. 

Examples of Negligent Security

Negligent security can take on many forms beyond simply providing security guards to protect patrons from assault. Here are some common examples of negligent security: 

  • Security cameras that don’t work or aren’t properly oriented
  • Failing to prevent entry to intoxicated customers
  • Failing to remove drunk customers
  • Overcrowding
  • Hiring inexperienced or untrained security personnel, failing to provide adequate training
  • Understaffed security personnel
  • Failing to secure entries and exits, failing to repair locks, fences, or doors
  • Failing to provide adequate lighting in dark areas

Whether the business owner provided adequate security will depend heavily on the facts of your case. An experienced Waldorf personal injury lawyer will know how to build a strong case so that you can get fair compensation for your injuries. 

Who May Be Liable

Unfortunately, determining who is responsible for your injuries can be difficult. While the business owner may be liable, the property owner (if different) may have failed to make necessary repairs to the locks. The business owner may have hired a security firm to handle security, and they failed to adequately train their personnel. On the other hand, the business owner may have been aware of problems with the security personnel. Ultimately, you may need to pursue your claim against multiple parties. A Waldorf personal injury lawyer will be able to determine who you need to pursue and help you navigate the process. 

Injured Due to Negligent Security? Contact a Waldorf Personal Injury Attorney

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