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I would highly recommend the Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles. From start to finish, Mr. Pyles and his staff could not have been more caring and compassionate. I worked closely with Julie Slack and was informed constantly with updates. I pray I will never need the services of a law office again, but if I do, I will go back to the Law Offices of Thomas E. Pyles. He and his staff worked constantly on my case and got very satisfying results. I am very grateful to them for helping me through this.

Joyce D.

Seun was a great counsel for my case while working through the midst of a pandemic. He has great customer service skills and is very patient.


If you are reading this you need an Attorney and have not decided about whom to hire. Well let me help you a little, Thomas Pyles Law Firm is the tops in the state of Maryland. I have used his expertise at least 3 times in the past 20 years. Mr. Pyles is a dedicated Attorney with many years of experience. He is a top negotiator and will work hard to get your case settled for the top value you deserve for your injury in the shortest amount of time. His entire staff is friendly and always available to assist you. Read a few of the other Testimonials and your mind should be made up. Go ahead and give Thomas Pyles a call, make an appointment and leave everything up to him. Now you must feel better already with that weight off your shoulders. 

Jack C.

The Pyles team has been a blessing. They took all my information and paperwork. From this they worked with everyone from the insurance company, to doctors, workers compensation, therapists, and hospitals. Not once did I feel that they had forgotten me for a bigger case. They never stopped working. Thank You!

Jamie A.

Mr. Pyles was not only easy to work with, but so was his staff. They were all great to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Brian G.

I can’t express how grateful I was having Mr. Pyles and his team as my attorney. Kind, efficient, and educated are just a few words I can use to describe them. Mr. Pyles and his team always made me feel comfortable and confident. I would recommend him to everyone in need of an amazing attorney.

Maria S.

My experience was very pleasant. Seun and Lisa were amazing handling my case. I will definitely be back and recommend them to all my family and friends!

Keonna G.

Attorney Oluwaseun Wililams was professional and friendly and made a difficult situation less of a headache when he provided legal services to me after my accident. I know I can count on Mr. Williams in the future to be properly compensated for loss of work and/or bodily injuries if I am ever in another car accident. Anyone having similar needs can count on Mr. Williams and his team to meet those needs.

Iris L.

Superb Attorney!!

I hired Mr. Pyles after my auto accident. Without the representation of this law firm I would have not received such an awesome result. When I spoke with Mr. Thomas Pyles he was straight forward and very confident in what services he could provide and what would happen going forward. He was committed to making sure the results would be great for me. I was ecstatic when my case settled. The team at The Law Office of Thomas Pyles was very kind and helpful anytime I needed to talk with Mr. Pyles or a member of his law firm they were always available to me. I was very impressed with how well his team functioned. This is an awesome law firm and I recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking for unbelievable results.

Tina R.

I was grateful for the genuine kindness of Mr. Pyles after my accident. His spirit was very welcoming. He and his staff were always very patient and available for my questions. I never had to guess about the status of my case because they made sure I was always aware of what was happening. I’m going to miss being in contact with him, Casey and Lisa. Thank you!

Desiree J.

Oluwaseun (Seun) Williams provides excellent customer service and is extremely knowledgeable and professional. If you are looking for an advocate that cares about you and that is willing to go the extra mile, contact Seun immediately.

Phyllis B.

Everyone I had contact with was friendly and helpful. Any questions or concerns I had I generally had a same day response. With the office being 45 minutes away I was able to email any forms or paperwork needed from me. If i’m ever in a situation where I need a lawyer I will be contacting The Law Offices of Thomas E. Pyles again.

Marcus W.

Oluwaseun Williams was referred to me by a friend for my case. Initially, I thought I didn’t need a lawyer and I could handle this experience by myself. Needless to say I was 1000% wrong. I am sure that I would not have gotten the favorable results for my case had it not been for Seun and Julie (who was assigned to my case). They explained the entire process to me (multiple times because I kept asking multiple times), were ridiculously patient, and extremely professional from beginning to end. They stressed that I could 100% focus on my recovery and that they would take care of the rest. Initially I was skeptical because I didn’t think anyone would go above and beyond for me if I wasn’t there to nudge them along. I was wrong. Completely wrong. They kept me updated throughout the process and exceeded my expectations. Thank you Seun and Julie! 

Teonna L.

Oluwaseun Williams was nothing but swift, effective and efficient in working my case. I literally continued on with my everyday schedule and received updates as things moved along in my case (They all were for the better of my situation). I am confident in saying Mr.Williams WILL GO THE EXTRA MILE in helping you WIN your case. Thank You again for your services.

Olamide W.

I do not enjoy doing business with the insurance companies. I hired Tom to handle my business and he did just that. I am totally satisfied with the work he did in my case on my behalf. He is the best lawyer in Maryland.

Herbert F.

I hired Tom and am happy with my decision! The insurance company was a pain to deal with, but Tom and his staff kept me well informed and made sure I was compensated. The insurance company delayed and was very slow in responding. Tom and his staff made sure the insurance company fulfilled their obligation. Thanks Tom! 

Kareed B.

Once Thomas Pyles took my case my mind was at ease. He kept me informed from beginning to end. A true professional.Truly the best experience I have ever had with an attorney.

DeAnthony M.

I had a great professional experience with Mr. Oluwaseun Williams. Mr. Williams was very professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of my case. He took the time to explain everything thoroughly and always kept me updated with anything that was happening with the case, even when I had moved out of the state. I highly recommend Mr. Williams. 


I reached out to Thomas Pyles after my first major car accident. Thomas set up an appointment to meet with me right away and to discuss the accident. He was very understanding of my situation and explained exactly what I needed to do. He even helped to make sure that I received the right medical care after my accident. His assistant, Julie Slack was very well organized and walked me through the paperwork process. She also answered all questions. I would highly recommend Thomas Pyles and his team to my family and friends.

Latoya A.

When I first met Tom Pyles I found him to be a very knowledgeable attorney that showed compassion and a true sense of caring. Having been involved in a serious auto accident, as most people find out, doctors, hospitals, and most of all insurance companies can be very intimidating. From the beginning, Mr. Pyles ensured me that he would take care of everything. When I would try and contact Mr. Pyles and he wasn’t available, he would always promptly return my calls. Throughout the whole process of him representing me, he did as he said and took care of everything. At the conclusion of my case, Mr. Pyles Proved that he is a very knowledgeable attorney who cares about his clients because he got me the compensation I deserved.

Annette P.

Mr. Pyles and his staff, especially Julie, assisted me with all my concerns and kept me updated throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend his office. Thanks for all the hard work.


Thomas Pyles helped me with two accident cases and is currently working on the third. None of the accidents were my fault…Tom used his knowledge wisely, which allowed him to remain persistent and dedicated to each case accepting ONLY the BEST offers. He was very prompt and responded to all of my questions and concerns. His assistant, Angie Hume, has always been thorough as well as his other employees in the firm. As a token of his appreciation Tom gives thoughtful gifts after a disbursement has taken place. He really treats his clients with the utmost respect and makes you feel like you are part of the team. I have recommended him to family and friends and will continue to do so!


Attorney Thomas E. Pyles and his staff has the know how to get results. He has always been very professional. I have referred a few new clients to him to get their legal matters resolved. I highly recommend Attorney Pyles for all of your legal matters.

Wayne W.

I was recommended to this law firm by another attorney. Upon my arrival I was greeted and was helped immediately. From my first conversation with the law firm until everything was settled I was kept in contact and continually explained every detail so that I would be continually updated and have understanding of my case. The staff was very personable and continued to help me throughout my process. I felt that I made a good decision in choosing this law firm and I would recommend them to anyone. 

Aaron A.

Mr. Pyles, I thank you a lot for your services. I lover your work ethic and the way you apply pressure. You’re good in my book.

Donte H.

Tom is a great lawyer. He treats you like family while handling your case, as if it is his top priority. He does a great job explaining everything you need to know and preparing you for courts so that you will be comfortable.

Brittany C.

My experience with this firm was nothing but a blessing in disguise. An unfortunate event took place, and I was introduced to Mr. Williams who was with me from start to finish. On our first initial visit he established his credibility and his trust with me and my family. He kept me updated with each step and how the process would go from here on out. His administrative assistant or the firm’s Administrative Assistant were very prompt with their email responses and also very nice! There was not a question in my mind whether they were on my side as far as making sure that I got everything that I deserved with this case being that I was not at fault. I am pleased to say that I am satisfied overall and God forbid if anything takes place in the future they will always have me as a client.


This is my 2nd interaction with Thomas Pyles. He got me good results in my first case where the guy that hit me was stating that he did not, and this case he did a remarkable job in getting me justice from a bus hitting me uninsured. Mr. Pyles is consistent and will get results. I would definitely would recommend Mr. Pyles, he is fair. 

Shelia D.

“I highly recommend Mr. Pyles law offices and Cindy (Staff). They were very transparent and supported me through the entire process. They explained everything very thoroughly, and always left me with the option to call them if I had any questions. I was very happy with the outcome and would definitely use them in the future with any legal matter.


I hired Mr. Pyles for an accident case. I worked in law myself for many years but didn’t have any experience with personal injury law. He called me to discuss settlement offers and I had assumed my case was small beans, just under a few thousand, but we ended up settling for much higher than I ever expected. I was very pleased with the professionalism of him and his staff. They took good care of me and got the maximum settlement available, since part of my injuries will be permanent.

Adrianne S.

Thomas E. Pyles & his staff have represented three of my cases & he has always been a very professional attorney that knows how to get your case won! I very highly recommend Mr. Pyles law firm!!

Chris W.

I got recommended to Tom Pyles by a family friend after a car accident. The insurance company did not want to accept that they were at fault and refused to pay for my car. After hiring Tom I was able to receive payment for my car and my injury. The staff is very pleasant, Lauren, Julie and Angie were able to help out a lot.

Mitchell S.

I hired Tom off the recommendation of a co-worker and thank God I did! Tom was able to get me 4x what the insurance company wanted to offer to settle. Tom is a bull dog and will fight for you and you’re family. Also his team Lauren and Angie are simply the best at helping out with everything you need!! THANK YOU GUYS!

Corey R.

I met with Mr. Pyles, He gave me a breakdown of how everything will go (just in case we went to court). He stayed in contact throughout the whole process, which was greatly appreciated. He made sure I got what I deserved and for that I will be forever grateful.

Ebony C.

The Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles, P.A. did an EXCELLENT JOB at handling my case. Mr. Williams and Mrs. Hume were professional and responsive. I maintained correspondence through email and responses were timely. The insurance companies will always attempt to low ball or even deny coverage. I would recommend this office to anyone!

Broderick C.

Mr. Pyles got the job done!!!!! I was very satisfied with everything that he did for my case anyone who is looking at this post I highly recommend that you go with him, and his team you won’t be disappointed at all!!!!!

David S.

Mr. Pyles and his team did a wonderful job on my car accident case from start to finish. I highly recommend his staff, great job!!!

William R.

I just settled on a claim that I thought would be hopeless but Mr. Pyles and his team ensured me that we would win and we DID! I am so happy I decided to take my case to him!

Sharee W.

Tom always gets the job done! Best lawyer ever.

Zach W.

I have used Mr. Thomas Pyles on numerous occasions – for domestic, criminal and also motor vehicle accidents as well as a slip and fall case. Mr. Pyles has always been professional and courteous and available whenever I needed questions answered. He is straight forward and honest with any types of questions! I would strongly recommend Mr. Pyles for all your issues which need an attorney! I have to say he is absolutely amazing in trials!

Vicki P.

Mr. Pyles was able to get me a generous settlement with the insurance company. I was very pleased. He confidently stated what he was able to do for me and he delivered. I recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer.


Tom just finished up my car accident settlement & handled everything great! He’s a really nice man & really looks out for his client’s best interest. And his office staff is awesome as well, always very helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Christina E.

I thought Mr. Pyles was a very good lawyer. He took care of everything he told me he would. I would definitely hire him again. He tried to get the best possible outcome of a bad situation. Him and everyone in his office was very friendly and helpful. 

Brittany H.

I was in my first major automobile accident and had no intentions on suing until the other driver’s auto insurance company wanted to pay me a third of my medical expenses which would have left me having to pay the remaining medical when I was not at fault. Thomas Pyles successfully argued my case without having to go to court and I was awarded an amount to cover all of my medical expenses. Thank you Mr. Pyles.

Kristina H.

From our first encounter, Mr. Pyles was very professional and detailed. He explained everything in depth and allowed me to feel comfortable asking any questions. Mr. Pyles will definitely fight for you and I would highly recommend his firm to anyone in need. His expertise is on point and he is very personable and easy to talk to.

Deneta S.

These attorneys will make sure you get what you are due. I would highly recommend this office for your legal situation. The staff are kind and professional. They will fight until the end!

Alice J.

I was recently in an auto accident resulting in injury. A friend recommended me to Mr. Thomas Pyles and his law office. I met with Mr. Pyles personally, explained my dilemma and he was immediately on the case. Mr. Pyles took his time to ascertain all of the facts, my concerns and put all of my needs personally first! Mr. Pyles was not only very professional in every manner, he made me aware of my rights and often called to check on my well-being! I am very very satisfied with the justice he sought on my behalf. Not only would I recommend the Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles but I would greatly insist upon his services!

Michael S.

Tom is the most compassionate lawyer I have ever met. He listens and helps you understand everything that is happening. He makes you feel like family and not just a number. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Julie D.

Two thumbs up! Professional, efficient, courteous, kept me informed/updated on information in a prompt manner. Mr. Pyles is honest and straight forward. I have recommended him many times over the years to family, friends, and business associates and they have all been very satisfied. I would highly recommend Thomas E. Pyles, Esquire. Thank you very much for all of your help!

Joe B.

Kind and always courteous. Mr. Pyles provided great customer service. He was very patient with me and provided advice during and after the case. He did not allow my insurance company to take advantage of me. Also, Mrs. Angie was awesome. To this day, I feel comfortable calling to ask any questions.


Tom was both professional and compassionate when handling my case. He worked hard to get me what I deserved. I would absolutely recommend Tom and his staff to friends and family.

Andrea N.

The first time I came to Mr. Pyles I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. He and his team made me feel welcomed and secure. When I had my second accident, I knew who to call. The Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles ROCKS!

Jeffrey E.

This was my first case where I was going to need a lawyer. I was referred to Mr. Pyles by my stepmother. She’s been going to him for years. It was great dealing with a team as great as the Pyles law firm. Thanks to Seun for winning my case and thank you to everyone at the office for your support. I will be back if I have to deal with another case.

Tiara J.

Tom did a good job fighting for my case. Once I gave him my paper work, he and his team did the rest. I am very pleased with the amount of money I received.

Cecilia Y.

The Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles has been my go-to lawyer for the past 6 years and counting! Mr. Pyles handled my auto accident in a timely manner. Mr. Pyles and his staff are welcoming, making you feel like family. Mr. Pyles will fight to get you more than what you would expect. I highly recommend the Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles.

Crystal M.

Best lawyer I ever used. They will check on you all the time and give you an update on your case. They will fight for you and win for you. If you need a lawyer who will care for you and fight for you, I recommend that you work with Mr. Thomas E. Pyles and his law firm. Their services are what we need and deserve when a tragic accident happens to you. Thank you Mr. Pyles for all that you did for me.

Jeane E.

Thank you to the Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles and staff. I have known them for over 10 years and from the start they were experienced, professional, courteous and I felt as though I was a part of their family and not just another client with a history/number attached to them like some other firms out there! I have recommended Thomas Pyles and will continue to do so. Thank you again for all your dedicated work you put into my case.


Thank you to the Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles and staff. I have known them for over 10 years and from the start they were experienced, professional, courteous and I felt as though I was a part of their family and not just another client with a history/number attached to them like some other firms out there! I have recommended Thomas Pyles and will continue to do so. Thank you again for all your dedicated work you put into my case.


My family and I hired Mr. Pyles to handle an accident case that involved all of us. We were impressed with Mr. Pyles and his staff. They were always available for questions and handled all matters related to the accident. It was a relief not to have to deal with constant calls and inquiries as Mr. Pyles and his staff took care of everything for us. Mr. Pyles and his staff are true professionals and you feel that you are the priority. I highly recommend Mr. Pyles for any type of case that needs representation.


I have known Tom Pyles for quite some time and have recommended him to colleagues, friends and family. Regardless of the type of case you need representation, Tom Pyles is the lawyer you want to represent you. Tom is on point and has a great team to provide you with the best representation.


Mr. Pyles represented me regarding an accident case. Mr. Pyles and his team kept me well informed at all times and provided excellent representation. I was very happy with my settlement and grateful that Mr. Pyles and his teamed handled my case.


I was very impressed with Tom and his staff! Mr. Pyles took his time to explain everything in detail to me at my first appointment. From there, Tom and Angie made things a lot less stressful for me. The law office is extremely helpful and attentive. They were very professional and detailed as well as quick when responding to my calls/emails. I was always kept informed. Mr. Pyles stayed involved with my case the entire time and Angie and Lauren were always on top of the situation as well. There were no surprises. Everything was done in a timely manner and I can truly say he and his staff truly care about their clients! Highly recommend! Thank you Tom, Angie and Lauren for everything you all have done for me!!!

Tiffany M.

Very friendly and always kept me up to date on my case. My definite go to for an accident lawyer.

Jennifer H.

Mr. Pyles worked with me on my injury lawsuit. He was very straight forward and understanding and his staff responded clearly and in a timely manner whenever I had questions regarding my case. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you again, Mr. Pyles.


The Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles is #1. I was in a car accident a year ago and I wanted a lawyer to handle my case for me. I found Mr. Pyles on Google. Hiring him was the best decision ever. He and his staff are a great team. They kept me informed until my case settled. We went to trial and we won the case. He rocks! I would highly recommend this law office.

Dianne E.

Mr. Pyles and his entire staff are the greatest. He and his staff went above and beyond to make sure my questions and concerns were taken care of. They made sure that I understood everything and every possible outcome of my case. All calls were returned almost immediately. Even though I know he has many clients, I always felt like I was top priority. You definitely get individual attention. HIGHLY recommend.

Laura D.

I have had quite a few lawyers over the years. Mr. Pyles has been the best. I used him for two accident cases. He was very helpful. Every time I asked a question he was right there to help me. Thank you Mr. Pyles. Kudos to you and your wonderful staff.

Andrew H.

Tom was very patient and determined when it came to my case. He was available whenever I needed him and he kept me in the loop about my case. He was always sure to discuss things with me and ensure I understood before making any decisions. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. I would 100% recommend him to anyone look for an honest and hardworking attorney.

Leroy S.

Mr. Pyles handled my car accident for me and took care of all of my medical bills. He settled my case soon after I was done treating and I was very happy. I would definitely go back if I had to.

Aaron Y.

Last year my child, husband, and I were in a car accident. Mr. Pyles handled our case quickly and efficiently. I would more than recommend anyone to call him for their legal needs. I would use him again in a heartbeat. Kelli, our legal assistant, was super fantastic and efficient as well. She handled all of our questions promptly and courteously. The entire firm was very professional and caring throughout the whole ordeal.


I would like to thank Mr. Pyles and every member of his firm that worked hands on, long hours day and night, to retrieve the best settlement for me. I will always refer your firm to anyone in trouble and need the best lawyer to help them prevail.


Mr. Pyles has been my attorney for more than 10 years. He is highly educated and also street smart. I felt like he could relate to me. I have recommended him to all my friends and family.


During the whole process of my suit, having Mr. Pyles on my side was the only thing that assured me of a positive outcome. It couldn’t have gone any smoother. He answered all of my questions and really made me feel like my case important even though it wasn’t his only one. Once we looked over my case, he gave me the pros and cons of all of my options. Because he knew what he was talking about, I was able to make the best decision. His is extremely honest and will fight for you to the end. It would be a huge mistake if you don’t hire Mr. Pyles.


My daughter and I were involved in an automobile accident in February 2016. We contacted the Law Office of Thomas Pyles and him and his staff handled everything from the beginning to the end of our accident case. Mr. Pyles was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I was always treated like I was his only client. I would highly recommend his service to any of my friends or family that are in need of help.


Mr. Pyles is always available for me and always gives me his best advice. I appreciate everything he has done for me over the years.


Mr. Pyles was very upfront and easy to work with. His staff is top notch. If I ever need a lawyer for anything, Mr. Pyles will be the man. There will be no need to look anywhere else. Thank you, Mr. Pyles.


He made our process easy. He answered all questions and made everything easy to understand.


In June of 2016 I was hit by a Fed-Ex 18-wheeler while stopped at a red light because the driver decided to run the light. My four year old son was in the car and I was absolutely devastated. To make matters worse I had just purchased my new 2016 Ford Escape and my whole passenger side was ruined. To say I was upset would be an understatement, the driver nor manager of Fed-Ex that came to the seen showed me any kind of compassion or offered an apology. The driver thought it was funny and actually laughed at my frustration and pain. I knew I needed a lawyer and a good one. My brother recommended Thomas Pyles, from the day I spoke to his staff, himself, and visited his office I was met with friendly faces and a stern attitude in getting my son and myself justice for our pain and suffering. Thomas Pyles and his team is truly god sent. They kept me informed and even when I felt like I was being a nuisance with a million phone calls, every phone call and message was returned in a timely manner. I did not leave the scene in an ambulance and when asked if I was hurt I told the officer I was fine which resulted in no police report being filed because both cars were drivable and no injury reported. I was discouraged at that fact but Mr. Pyles ensured me that it was no big deal to him and he took my case and got settlements for both my son and I. I am extremely happy with the settlement amount which exceeded my expectations and it didn’t take long. My accident was in June of 2016 and I settled in May of 2017, a little under a year. There are no amounts of words that can express my thanks and gratitude for Thomas and his team and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good lawyer with an awesome team that has unbeatable customer service. Sincerely, A Happy Client


Mr. Pyles is an awesome attorney and I would highly, highly recommend him to anybody with a legal matter. It was a pleasure working with him as he helped me present my case to the jury. He had total command of the courtroom during the trial. I was rear-ended by a Metro Bus and I suffered neck and back injuries. WMATA’s last offer to me before trial was $25,000, we rejected that and the jury came back with a verdict of $73,286.85. Simply put, Mr. Pyles was awesome and I again would highly recommend him to anybody!


I would like to thank Mr. Pyles and his staff for their assistance and great work on my case. He handled a personal injury case for me and everything went really smoothly and I am very happy with my results.