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Let a Laurel Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The decision to place a loved one in a Maryland long-term care facility — such as a nursing home or assisted living facility (ALF) — can be difficult. The last thing you should have to worry about is whether your family member is being well-cared for or not. If you suspect that the people in the facility have been abusive or neglectful toward your family member, a Laurel nursing home abuse lawyer at the Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles, PA will help you find justice.  

What Constitutes Maryland Nursing Home Abuse?

Nearly 2.5 million Americans live either in nursing homes or ALFs and that number is growing as the United States population continues to age. Along with this growth comes increasing concerns about abuse of residents in the facilities charged with their care. Nursing home abuse can result in personal injury from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, or can take the form of financial abuse. 

A Laurel nursing home abuse lawyer can help you determine whether you have a legal case for damages against the facility and/or its employees who caused your loved one harm. The following will help you better understand the types of nursing home abuse we have dealt with and what to look for when determining if you have a nursing home abuse case.

Physical Abuse May Not Always Be Obvious

Physical violence is a common type of nursing home abuse. It usually involves some kind of contact or restraint that causes the non-consenting resident harm. If your loved one is showing signs of physical abuse — broken bones, a fractured hip, unexplained bruises, cuts or burns —he or she could be experiencing nursing home physical abuse. Examples include:

  • Putting the resident in restraints or isolating them
  • Hitting, scratching, biting or kicking the resident
  • Pushing, shoving or shaking the person
  • Burning or kicking the resident
  • Threatening him or her with violence

Psychological or Emotional Abuse in Maryland Nursing Homes

Emotional nursing home abuse can cause severe psychological trauma. If your loved one is experiencing new signs of emotional distress or illness, such as anxiety, depression, or irritability, these could be signs that they are being emotionally abused. Ways that nursing home caregivers or people with access to your loved one could abuse them emotionally include:  

  • Engaging in behavior that intimidates them
  • Yelling or threatening them
  • Isolating the resident and not allowing them to interact with others
  • Belittling, demeaning or humiliating them
  • Ignoring their requests 
  • Purposefully ignoring their needs

We Can Also Be Your Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

Another form of nursing home cases is neglect. The distinction between neglect and abuse is that abuse is done with intent and neglect is a result of negligence or indifference. Nursing home neglect is defined as failing to care for a resident to the degree, which a reasonable person in the same position would exercise. The standard for nursing home negligence is whether the caregiver acted as an ordinary care provider in the same position would have. Neglect can include any of the following physical or mental neglect, failure to prevent infection or bed sores, unreasonable use of restraints on patients, failure to notify medical doctors of medical issues, and failure to prevent dehydration and malnutrition.

There are a number of physicians who care for nursing home patients. There are times when that care that is provided by physicians is inadequate and can lead to a medical malpractice case. Doctors and healthcare providers do not have the right to ignore or not fully care for nursing home patients. There is a small minority of medical doctors that do not provide the same level of care to someone who is elderly and in a nursing home as opposed to other patients. These individuals deserve the same respect as anyone else, and we’re happy to be your nursing home neglect lawyer.

A Laurel Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help With Financial Abuse, Too

Many people do not think of financial abuse as a type of nursing home or elder abuse, but it is far too common. Financial abuse occurs when the person who is responsible for managing another’s finances takes advantage of that power and steals or misuses their financial resources, such as their property, money or possessions. 

Usually this happens in cases where an elderly person has handed over management of their finances to a caregiver, nursing home staff, or family members. If you see any of the following it could be an indication of financial abuse:

  • Inexplicable bank withdrawals
  • Unexplained worsening of the person’s financial condition
  • A dramatic change in spending habits
  • Valuable items go missing 
  • Bills go unpaid and necessary things like medical care are not being provided

Sexual Abuse in Maryland Nursing Homes

Sexual abuse is more common in nursing homes than people think. Usually perpetrated by a nursing home staff member or a fellow resident, sexual abuse occurs when a resident is forced, manipulated or coerced into unwanted sexual conduct. Tragically, the victims of nursing home sexual abuse are often cognitively impaired and unable to report what is happening. 

How a Laurel Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help You & Your Family

If you believe your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, the attorneys at The Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles, PA can help. A Laurel nursing home abuse lawyer will guide you through the legal system, helping to protect your loved one and hold the abusers responsible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Contact one of our Maryland attorneys today by calling 301-705-5006. We assist clients throughout Maryland, including Waldorf, Leonardtown and more.