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Violent crimes are among the most severely punished in Maryland, which makes the stakes incredibly high if you have been arrested or charged for an offense such as assault. The mere accusation that you committed a violent crime can be devastating. Not only are you confronting the possibility of spending a significant amount of time in jail or prison, but when your friends, neighbors, or business colleagues learn that you were arrested or charged they may never look at you the same way again. That is why it is important to contact a Maryland criminal defense attorney as soon as possible when you are charged with a violent crime.

If you are convicted of a violent crime, you could lose everything that you have worked for or that you dreamed of accomplishing in the future. The consequences of a conviction are far reaching and may include:

  • Jail or prison sentence – up to life in prison without the possibility of parole for some offenses
  • Expensive fines, fees and payments to victims
  • A requirement to attend anger management counseling or other forms of therapy
  • Permanent criminal record that can impact your job or career
  • Enhanced penalties for multi-felony convictions
  • The stigma of being convicted of a violent crime
  • Effects on your professional licensing if you work as a teacher, doctor, nurse, lawyer, pharmacist or other type of licensed professional
  • Loss of your right to vote and to possess firearms
  • Effects on your custody or visitation rights with your children
  • Effects on your immigration status including possible deportation

The stakes are incredibly high if you have been arrested or charged for an offense such as assault, robbery, or criminal homicide. However, there can be hope for a positive outcome if you secure the help of an experienced Waldorf violent crimes attorney to build a strong defense to your charge.

If you need an attorney to aggressively represent you in Waldorf or the surrounding area, Thomas E. Pyles should be your first choice. He has over 25 years of courtroom experience as a criminal defense attorney that includes successfully defending clients against an array of misdemeanor and felony crimes.


Violent crimes are offenses that involve the use of force or the threat of force against another person. Force can involve the use of a weapon, such as a knife or gun, to harm another person or to threaten harm to them. However, force can also involve hitting, shoving, or otherwise using your body or physical presence to harm or threaten someone. Sometimes the use or threat of force is both the means and ends of the offense. For example, an intentional assault or homicide typically involves the use of force with the intent to hurt or kill. Other times, a violent crime may involve the use or threat of force as a means of committing other crimes, such as a convenience store robbery in which the robber uses a gun to threaten the cashier as a means of coercing the teller to hand over cash. The robber may have no actual intention of hurting the cashier but the threat of force makes the robbery a violent crime.


A violent crime can mean anything from a simple assault charge resulting from a shoving match, like you get in a grocery store line, bar, or at a sporting event, up to the extremely serious offense of murder. Some violent offenses are misdemeanors but many are felonies.

Regardless, violent crimes have strict punishments and prosecutors pursue these crimes vigorously in court. Attorney Thomas E. Pyles has the knowledge and experience to handle type of violent criminal charge, including:

  • Murder – In Maryland, the crimes of murder, manslaughter, and criminally negligence homicide all fall under the state’s criminal homicide laws. Any form of homicide is an incredibly serious offense that requires the help of an aggressive and experienced Maryland violent crimes lawyer. Learn more about criminal homicide and the penalties for conviction in Maryland.
  • Robbery & Aggravated Robbery – When you cause bodily injury to someone in the course of committing a theft, you may be charged with robbery or aggravated robbery depending upon the circumstances. Either are very serious felony offenses that are punished very harshly in Maryland.
  • Assault – The term “assault” includes several different types of actions, some of which are not commonly thought of as assault. If you have been charged with assault, an experienced Maryland violent crimes attorney can explain your charges and your options for defending your case.
  • Aggravated Assault – Aggravated assault involves causing serious injury or assaulting someone while exhibiting a deadly weapon. Aggravated assault requires a solid defense strategy if you want to avoid long term consequences.
  • Domestic Violence – An assault charge involving a family member, romantic partner, or a former romantic partner is a very serious matter in Maryland. A conviction can have numerous consequences that can affect you for years or decades to come.
  • Kidnapping – Kidnapping or abduction is a serious violent crime in Maryland. The best chance of avoiding the severe consequences of conviction is with the help of a skilled Maryland criminal defense attorney.


If you have been charged with a violent crime, a lot is on the line – your freedom, your career, perhaps even your life. It is critical to your future that you obtain representation from an experienced attorney that has demonstrated experience representing people accused of felony charges.

Waldorf criminal defense attorney Thomas E. Pyles has a strong track record representing people accused of violent crimes and helping them to achieve the best possible result for their case. He offers not only a wealth of experience but also a genuine belief that everyone deserves a strong defense and a passionate commitment to protecting the rights of people accused of crimes.

Because he understands how felony convictions can ruin a person’s life, Mr. Pyles is aggressive and does not back down. He will fight to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your criminal charge. Contact us today at 301-705-5006 to set up a free consultation.