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Whether you have been hit by a car, bitten by a dog or hurt due to some other form of negligence, it is important to know that you have help. Do not go it alone.

At The Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles, P.A., we have 25 years of experience representing Maryland clients in a range of personal injury matters, from car accidents to dog bites to medical malpractice claims. As a Waldorf personal injury compensation attorney, Thomas E. Pyles focuses on providing effective representation with a personalized, down-to-earth approach. We will help you understand your rights and options, and personally walk you through every step of your case as we fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The majority of our personal injury work involves motor vehicle accidents. We fight to obtain full and fair compensation for clients who have suffered serious injuries from:

"I have 25 years of experience and a track record of success fighting for my clients in the courtroom. When I come to the negotiating table, insurance company agents and opposing counsel know that I'm not there to settle; I'm there to get the best results I can for my client, and I'm prepared to do whatever it takes. I don't see many lowball offers, because no one wants to go against me in court."

∙ Thomas E. Pyles, Esquire

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases involve complex scientific considerations and aggressive defense strategies. We have the experience to help clients obtain compensation for birth injuries, surgical errors and other examples of negligence from their doctors.

Products Liability

When a product you trusted failed to operate correctly and caused you serious injuries, we will stand up for you and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.


Slip-and-fall injuries are common in grocery stores and other public places, as well as personal residences. When dangerous conditions are present that cause injuries to someone else, the property owner is generally liable to compensate victims for losses incurred.

Dog Bites

If you or a loved one has been mauled by a dog, the injuries and emotional results can be catastrophic. Call a lawyer from our firm to discuss a personal injury claim against the dog owner.

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