About Our Team: Personal Injury And More

When accidents happen, many turn to lawyer Thomas E. Pyles, one of Maryland's most respected and busiest personal injury lawyers.

Besides personal injury, Tom helps people charged with committing crimes, struggling with unpayable debt, and dealing with the emotional and financial difficulties of divorce. Working from his Waldorf offices, he serves clients across Charles County and throughout southern Maryland.

There For You When Bad Things Happen

That's the slogan of The Law Office of Thomas E. Pyles, P.A. Our record shows that we have been true to that commitment. We are one of the state's most aggressive accident injury lawyers, and we have been there for thousands of clients coping with other legal problems.

Most lawyers will do anything to avoid a trial situation, because they are afraid they might lose. Tom Pyles is open to settling cases out of court — but he is never afraid to go to court, if that is the best approach. Why? Because he wins — a lot.

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